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Our 3-Step Process

We offer comprehensive stucco repair and remediation services and prioritize solving core issues. Our 3-Step Process identifies and addresses root causes then repairs your home.

Step One

Our first step is a certified home inspection with a thorough moisture test to detect any underlying water damage.

Step Two

Next we quickly coordinate any additional required assessments.

Step Three

And finally, we then propose the best options to repair your home and agree to a start date.

When it comes to expert stucco repair, stucco remediation, and stucco replacement work, look no further than Kenny Construction Group. Since 2003, Kenny Construction Group has been a trusted provider of superior quality home renovations and repairs in Chester County, and The Main Line areas. With over 20 years of construction experience and a dedication to detail, our team has successfully delivered the homes of our clients’ dreams.

Based in Chester County and fully insured and licensed, we proudly serve The Main Line, PA and surrounding areas with our specialized stucco repair and stucco remediation services. From small stucco repair jobs to major stucco remediation projects, we prioritize attention to detail and customer satisfaction, ensuring that every aspect of your stucco repair needs is addressed with precision and care.

At Kenny Construction, we understand the importance of providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. That’s why we take pride in our work and guarantee customer satisfaction on every stucco repair and remediation job we undertake. Trust our experienced professionals to restore the beauty and integrity of your home. Contact us today to learn more about how Kenny Construction Group can meet your stucco repair and remediation needs.

About Kenny Construction Group’s Stucco Repair Services

At Kenny Construction Group, we prioritize addressing the core issues causing damage to your property with our comprehensive stucco repair and remediation services. The initial step in addressing potential stucco issues is having a certified home inspector conduct a thorough moisture test to detect any underlying water damage. Once you provide us with your stucco inspection report, we swiftly coordinate a convenient date for further assessment. Specializing in guiding customers through the stucco repair, stucco remediation, or stucco replacement process, we offer a range of options to ensure your home is repaired effectively and durably.

What our customers have to say about us:

“I have never had a more pleasant experience during home renovations. They are kind, helpful, and very skilled. They did a wonderful job with our stucco remediation and it looks great. I could not recommend Frank more highly.”

Sue Milborn

“Frank and his crew did a beautiful job. They were professional. Communication with Frank was good. He was responsive. Frank and his crew were courteous and as neat as they could be on a job like this. Frank stuck to his quoted price, plus some extras he could not estimate. He warned us about this because some things he could not see until they removed the old stucco.”

Gary D.

Why Do You Need Stucco Repair, Remediation or Stucco Replacement?

Stucco has a rich history in The Main Line, PA, serving as a favored building material for both residential and commercial properties, enduring through the East Coast’s extreme weather fluctuations. From the early days of the area’s founding, stucco has played a significant role in shaping The Main Line’s charm and architectural style. However, water penetration from the extreme East Coast weather can wreak havoc on underlying wood structures, leading to rot, decay, and compromised structural support. Rainwater easily infiltrates behind the stucco, causing extensive damage, while moisture accumulation fosters mold growth, posing health risks and exacerbating property damage. These issues can arise from various factors, including the exclusion of proper flashings, extreme weather, or poor workmanship.

To safeguard your property’s allure and structural integrity, our experienced team at Kenny Construction Group utilizes only the highest quality materials and techniques, ensuring lasting results for your home investment. Our commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction drives us to collaborate closely with you, ensuring your needs are exceeded. Whether it’s a stucco repair or a complete remediation, count on Kenny Construction Group to restore the beauty and integrity of your home’s investment. Call 610-890-3272 or fill out the form to request your FREE ESTIMATE!

What Is The Difference Between  Stucco Remediation and Stucco Repair?

Stucco repair and stucco remediation sound similar but address problems with your home’s stucco exterior in different ways:

Stucco repair is a targeted approach for minor cosmetic or functional issues, like patching a hole in your drywall. Stucco repair is a quicker, cheaper fix for small cracks, chips, or minor water damage. However, if the stucco of a house has more extensive structural damage that needs to be addressed, remediation is the preferred solution.

Stucco remediation is a more comprehensive solution that tackles the root cause of the stucco damage. An example is completely replacing a section of drywall that a leaky pipe has damaged. Stucco remediation is a more involved process that may involve removing and replacing large stucco sections, fixing water infiltration problems, and ensuring proper drainage. In addition, remediation is a more permanent solution compared to repair.

Here is a summary of the key differences:

Service Stucco Remediation or Stucco Replacement Stucco Repair
Purpose Address underlying cause of stucco damage Fix minor cosmetic or functional issues
Scope of Work Remove and replace stucco, fix water infiltration, improve drainage Patch stucco cracks, holes, and minor stucco water damage
Cost More expensive Less expensive
Permanence Permanent Temporary