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Stucco Replacement

Could your stucco have a problem? Black stains underneath of windows, on chimneys, and near gutter terminations can be an indication that the stucco has a problem. Moldy smells in the bedrooms or rooms with exterior walls can also be an indication that the stucco has a problem and you may need stucco replacement services in Chester County, PA.

Kenny Construction Group can assist with a convenient visit and inspection of your property. After receiving your stucco inspection report we will coordinate a date for additional services. We specialize in helping customers move forward with their stucco remediation after they have received their inspection report, by providing you with different options to get your home fixed the proper way.

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Stucco Remediation

Often times a section of stucco needs remediation instead of complete replacement of a homes siding.  Once we have our inspection group assess the situation, Kenny Construction Group utilizes the highest quality products & materials with experienced technicians to provide you with a superior end result.  Our remediation services aim at resolving the underlying issue that is causing the area in question to have damage.  Trust us to properly assess the situation and handle the stucco remediation.

From minor repairs to full house remediation, Kenny Construction Group is here to provide you with your dream finish.

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Stucco Repair

We work with home inspectors to verify water intrusion to assess the repair needed for the identified damaged areas of the exterior.  In numerous cases where there is minor damage, we can repair the stucco.  We have decades of experience working with stucco and exteriors and take all necessary steps to insure proper repair or replacement of your stucco.

Trust your siding repair to Kenny Construction Group.

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Stucco Concerns

Nowadays, stucco issues are a high concern for homeowners looking to buy a house. Twenty years ago, there was little information about properly installing stucco, which resulted in contractors wrongly installing the material on people’s homes. Homeowners tend to stay away from reinstalling stucco because of these past issues. Based on our experience, we can say it is the contractor’s fault most of the time.

Rotted Wood

Neglecting damaged stucco can result in multiple problems, such as rotted wood or mold. Once water gets through the water-resistant barrier and damages the wood materials behind it, structures like support beams will start to rot and decay, which can cause major problems. As a result, those structural support beams that carry heavy loads are significantly weaker and sagging down.


Another big problem that can happen is mold. Mold is caused by water seeping into places and drying out. If you notice your drywall bowing or water markings on your interior drywall, it means there is a much bigger problem going on behind them. Those signs are also crucial indicators that water is coming from outside your house and has gone through every other component on the outside walls. Now, your drywall is wet and getting moldy.

No one wants to live with the moldy, nasty smell in their homes, so when you are buying or selling, we recommend having a certified home inspector do a moisture test to determine if you have water damage behind the stucco. Once you receive the report, it will show if there are any issues with the stucco. If your home inspector identifies high moisture readings, those issues need to be addressed right away to prevent the problem from getting worse. If so, we can address and fix the issues so your home is as good as new.


Another issue homeowners encounter with their stucco is that some builders or contractors do not install all the required flashings. Flashing is an installation that prevents water from seeping into a structure. In many people’s homes, flashing redirects the water from getting behind the stucco. When the flashings are not installed, rainwater, which is extremely invasive, gets through and leads to mold or rotted wood.

Difference Between Stucco Repair and Remediation

The major difference between stucco repair and stucco replacement services is repairing the damaged sections versus replacing the entire home’s siding.

For some customers, when we get a damage report, we recommend replacing an entire wall if the stucco has problems rather than only repairing small damaged areas of the wall. This is to minimize the risk any potential stucco problems may cause in the future.

If there is a high reading on a wall, we will demolish that wall from corner to corner and from the foundation line to the roof to ensure the work is properly repaired.

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Weather Factors

Weather is a big factor when installing a new stucco because the temperature must be above freezing, and the stucco needs time to cure. Stucco needs 4 hours of drying to cure, so one has to watch the weather to ensure there is zero chance of rain because fresh stucco will run off the wall if exposed to rain!

Types of Stucco Finish

There are many different stucco finishes and textures to choose from, with the most common ones being the following:

  • Dash
  • Cat face
  • Smooth
  • Sand finish

Also, there are endless color options because if the manufacturers do not match your preferred color, you can always paint the stucco after the final coat is dry! Choosing the exterior finish look of the stucco is completely preference-based. Everyone has a different style.

How to Fix Stucco Problems

The best way to ensure your stucco will be fine is to have a professional installer and hire a third-party inspection company to oversee the project. The third-party inspector may be an extra cost. Still, an inspector will ensure everything is done according to the current code.

Why You Need Professional Stucco Replacement Services in Chester County

With stucco issues being such a big problem on the East Coast, some contractors have started getting into the remediation jobs for the money, which is why ensuring the contractor has references is essential. The cheapest contractor is not always your best option, so you should call us at Kenny Construction Group to receive your free estimate today! We can assist with a convenient visit and inspection of your property. Our company specializes in helping customers move forward with stucco replacement services by providing you with different options to get your home fixed the proper way.

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Whether you are looking to add square footage to an existing home, update a kitchen, living room, bedroom or bath, or are in need of a quality stucco remediation and replacement contractor, Kenny Construction Group is the company to call. We exceed our clients’ expectations everytime.